Tell the Liberal government it’s time to deliver on its promise to provide equal access to affordable prescription medication to everyone. Canada has universal health care but it does not include prescription drugs.

A publicly delivered pharmacare program – as recommended by the government’s expert advisory council – is urgently needed. Pharmacare legislation must ensure prescriptions are covered just like hospitals and doctors – through your health card.

The Issue

No one should be forced to choose between filling their prescriptions and feeding their family. Canada can do better. Act now and urge our government to get to work on implementing universal public pharmacare!   Canada’s nurses have long understood that pharmacare needs to be part of Medicare. Universal pharmacare would ensure access for all, while saving our system billions of dollars every year. Canadians also agree.

A recent poll commissioned by the Canadian Federation of Nurses Unions has 87 percent of Canadians supporting a pharmacare program and 86 percent wanting to see the federal government play a major role in making prescription drugs more affordable.

The Liberal government committed to introducing pharmacare legislation in Canada by the end of 2023, following the Advisory Council on the Implementation of National Pharmacare’s final report confirming that a universal, single-payer, public pharmacare system is the best option for Canada. It’s time to follow through, and an overwhelming of Canadians agree. We need to see action now!  

“Make it simple, but significant.” – Don Draper

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of Canadians support implementing a national pharmacare program to provide equal access to prescription drugs for everyone in Canada.

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of people feel the federal government has a responsibility for ensuring everyone in Canada has prescription drug coverage.

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of all households pay more than $500 per year on prescriptions. Meanwhile 10% pay over $1000/year.

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of people report being less able to afford prescription medication. Inflationary pressure is pushing prescription medications further out of reach.

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of households have at least one individual who feels trapped in their current job, because they fear losing their drug coverage. 

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of people support the federal government taking charge to fund a national pharmacare program.

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Where do these numbers come from?

A total of 1,503 Canadians completed this online survey. The Environics Research poll was conducted between January 18 and 24, 2023.

Read the full report here.